Lucas North

Events Officer

Lucas North

Pronouns: they/them




  1. Organise Young Liberals conferences including, in consultation with the executive, selecting an appropriate venue;
  2. Ensure conferences operate smoothly with calling notices and agendas circulated in accordance with the requirements of the Constitution and Standing Orders;
  3. Ensure appropriate event insurance is in place for Young Liberals events, either under the Liberal Democrats’ insurance policy or independently;
  4. Coordinate Young Liberals presence at Liberal Democrat Conferences, including a stall at the Exhibition, fringe events, training events, and socials;
  5. Ensure that Young Liberals events are accessible and inclusive, supporting those of all backgrounds including non-drinkers as well as protected characteristics under the Equality Act, consulting with the Accessibility, Diversity and Standards Officer as required and;
  6. Coordinate and support the Conference Committee in carrying out its duties.