Racial Equity, Diversity, and Liberation Officer

Kobe Bibbon

Kobe Bibbon


[email protected]

Executive Duties:

  1. Work with the Accessibility, Diversity and Standards Officer to create a Young Liberals Strategic Response to the Alderdice Review, and implement this across Young Liberals.
  2. Attend all Young Liberals meetings and speak on matters relating to their role such as the implementation of the Alderdice strategy, and the plans and actions of other members of the Executive when it concerns or could affect minority ethnic individuals and communities.
  3. Liaise with relevant SAOs and AOs, especially LDCRE, to ensure Young Liberals is promoting an experience which is positive and inclusive for minority ethnic members of Young Liberals.


A proud Mancunian, Kobe joined the party in 2018 after seeing how much of a difference Liberal Democrat representation made on Manchester City Council . Kobe has served as the Equalities and Diversity lead on their local party exec, an LDCRE exec member and most recently was the YL Trans Rep. Aswell as trying to make a difference, Kobe can also be found baking!

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